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Today is Father's Day, a day that is designated specifically for fathers. With just 365 days in the calendar this year, Father's Day is sure to be one of them. Father's Day is a holiday that occurs on Sunday, a day in which there is no work to cancel. I remember celebrating Father's Day with my parents as a young boy, despite the fact that just one of them was my father.

Today, I want to talk about Pawnee's father of the year, Alan Rosenberg. For Alan, the tradition runs in the family: his father's last name was Rosenberg as well. Rosenberg's record as a father is well documented. As far as fathers go, this one has children--a condition experts might refer to as, being a parent.

Rosenberg, a respected local journalist, works in the field of journalism, a fact that does not make him me. In addition to being named Father of the Year, he is this year's recipient of the Lil' Sebastian Local Pulitzer Award for Radness in Journalism, an award he will receive as well. For those looking to attend tonight's City Hall awards ceremony, a ceremony will be held tonight at Pawnee's City Hall. For those who are not, the location remains the same.

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